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Programs for download:

RpgMaker 2000-
An older version of the RPGMaker series, but it still has all the essentials to make a great game. Run time files (below) are a required download to function properly.

RpgMaker 2000 RTP-
Run time package for RPGMaker 2000 contains basic chipsets, characters and music files.

RpgMaker 2003-
An upgrade to RPGMaker 2000. Is a more powerful game making engine and has more features than 2000. Also, there is no need for a separate run time file download.

RpgMaker General Utility-
An all-in-one program that allows you to change a game's font, icon, or title screen, encrypt your game's code, and make it playable on any PC! Interface takes some getting used to, but it's worth the effort with all the functionality it offers.

Spriting program that helps you draw your own characters for your games.

Anvil Studio-
Simple, free midi music program that enables you to compose songs for your games.

RPGMaker2000 mp3 Patch-
Allows you to play mp3 files in RpgMaker2000 games. Untested.

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