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> Crew Roster, Complete List of Characters in Quarterstone
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post Jan 24 2016, 09:55 AM
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Bare in mind now, that this thread is not going to be complete for a while. There's a fair bit to type up, as well as some incomplete ideas. Also, if you do not mind spoilers, keep reading, but, as with all development threads I post, there will be spoilers. It's a Dev. Thread to showcase my ideas and progress, and, naturally, this is the only place I will be sharing everything. Everyone else can wait for the demos and the main game release. 3

So! Onwards with with characters.

Note: I'm sure you will all be familiar with the format of my character profiles. icon4.gif

Those of a Somewhat Heroic Disposition
These fellows are the heroes of the game, traversing the world, searching for the Quarterstone together!

Name: Dave
Title: The Reluctant One
Misc. Information: The #1 protagonist of the game, Dave is given a grand destiny from a wise and noble man... Or it may have been a suggestion from a drunk. Either way, he has embarked on a grand journey to locate all four pieces of the Quarterstone.

Name: Timothy McStuffin
Title: The Cuddly One
Misc. Information: A great and powerful mage. Master of the sorcery. Foul-mouthed beyond belief. Also, he's a stuffed bear that was locked in a crate. He decides to tag along with Dave after being freed from his wooden prison. He feels like he owes him something, and joins the party to repay the favor.

Name: Katherine Blaze
Title: The Violent One
Misc. Information: Blessed with great beauty, immense physical strength, a short fuse, and a highly aggressive attitude, she's one of the nicest people that will ever kill you. Though she joins the party to assist Dave, she only does so because she feels the multitude of enemies they'll meet on the way will give her a great opportunity to release her pent up anger, although Timothy also gives her a good target.

The Part Timers
These guys are the part-time party members. They only join you for their parts in the story, and are limited to the realms they occupy.

Name: Flora Rose
Title: The Weird One
Misc. Information: Believes she is a flower. She's not. She aids the main party during adventures in the Western Realm of Greensea, in an attempt to protect the forest and ocean, and rid it of the shadow that threatens the realm.

Name: Elizabeth Spayde
Title: The Non-Festive One
Misc. Information: She hates Christmas more than you. She joins the main party during their adventures in the Northern Realm of Whitepeak... Although, it's more the party joins her cause to take down the evil tyrant, Santa Claus.

Name: Dedmund Nolife
Title: The Dead One
Misc. Information: Edmund Life, a noble soldier. Changed his name when he was reborn as an undead. He aids the party during their adventures in the Southern Realm of Blackfog, mostly because he has nothing else to do, and death is kinda dull. That, and he's always wanted to see inside the Haunted Manor.

Name: Charles Sebastian
Title: The Sensible One
Misc. Information: A man of sense, living in a world with none. He aids the party during their adventures in the Eastern Realm of Razzamatazza, in an attempt to make sense of this nonsensical realm... Not that there is much chance of that, but he tries.

Somewhat Evil People
The villains of the story.

Name: Shade
Title: The Recurring One
Domain: Where you least expect.
Misc. Information: He doesn't know when to give up... He pops up at peculiar times, repeatedly, attempting to hinder the heroes in their quest. Try as they might, they can never quite defeat him.

Name: ???
Title: ???
Misc. Information: ???

Name: Santa Claus
Title: The Tyrannical One
Domain: Whitepeak
Misc. Information: Santa is the evil tyrant dictator of the northern realm. He resides within his Toy Factory, guarded by the elves, and unleashes his creations on the citizens of the realm.

Name: Lord Miraer Von Malevolentia
Title: The Creepy One
Domain: Blackfog - Haunted Manor
Misc. Information: Lord of Nightmares and Overlord of Creepy Shit, he lives a secluded life in his manor, accompanied by his undead siblings. He rules over the southern realms, casting fear over the lands.

Name: ???
Title: ???
Misc. Information: ???

Those Other People
These are the random guys that help, observe and otherwise loiter in the world. NPCs with a story, let's sy.

Name: Narrator
Title: The Talkative One
Misc. Information: This is the narrator. He provides information for the player, consistently breaking the fourth wall, being perfectly well aware that he resides within a game. He is also incredibly annoying most of the time. If you look carefully, you can see him during the game. This is mostly due to his incredibly low stealth abilities. He also aids other characters in breaking the fourth wall. He's a bit of a pest...

Name: ???
Title: ???
Misc. Information: ???

Cameo Characters --Click here to view--

[b]The Ruling Ones
These powerful individuals are responsible for pretty much everything...[b]

Name: Lord Frost
Title: Creator of the World
Info: A member of the Four Quarters, Lord Frost is one of the four creators of the Quarterstone. He is also the one who created the realms. Because, you know, he could.

Name: Lord Raven
Title: Creator of the Underworld
Info: A member of the Four Quarters, Lord Rave is one of the four creators of the Quarterstone. He is also the one that created not only the underworld, but the dungeons located around the world.

Name: Lady Slave
Title: Mistress of the Asylum
Info: A member of the Four Quarters, Lady Slave is one of the four creators of the Quarterstone. She also governs the Asylum, one of the four Grand Trials.

Name: Lady Natako
Title: Mistress of the Menagerie
Info: A member of the Four Quarters, Lady Natako is one of the four creators of the Quarterstone. She also governs the Menagerie, one of the four Grand Trials.

Name: Commander Jayten
Title: Master of the Lock
Info: One chosen by the Four Quarters to run the Non-Specific, Nonsensicle, Nun-Free Detainment Facility, one of the four Grand Trials.

Name: A'rem Expi
Title: Master of Silence
Info: One chosen by the Four Quarters to run the Abnormal Research and Development Facility, one of the four Grand Trials.

This will be updated continually during development, with the addition of new characters and more information on currently listed ones. :3



The company accepts no liability for the content of this post, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided, unless that information is subsequently confirmed in writing. If you are not the intended recipient you are notified that disclosing, copying, distributing or taking any action in reliance on the contents of this information is strictly prohibited. :P
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post Jan 24 2016, 11:42 AM
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post Jan 25 2016, 01:55 AM
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post Jan 25 2016, 12:43 PM
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