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> Project Rune, Project as in "I have no name yet"...
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post Dec 22 2017, 10:27 AM
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Project Rune
Presented by Angelgear Studios

Project notes;

So yeah, as you can see, this project is so pre-dev, I don't even have a name for it yet. Or a solid plotline. Or characters...

Wait, so what in the actual hell DO I have?

I have .txt files. I have spreadsheets. I have word docs. I have pre-dev information.

The .txt files have random gibberish that makes no sense as I jotted things down in no specific order and it could probably only be read coherently by myself.
The word docs have information I needed to type up so I didn't forget it all...
And the spreadsheets have the Skills and Items databases for the game in them, so I can remember which IDs all my skills/items are going under when I put them in the game, because fuck I am making too many... IMG7-1425072477.png

ANYWAY! Getting to the point...

Project Rune is an RPG Maker MV (Yes... MV... Sue me) game.
I will be using the default side-view battle system for this game.
I will start uploading more specific information when I have some, granted my brain hasn't melted beforehand.
Yes, there will be random shit in the game too, as I am still working on Quarterstone (still...) and thus, some random crap from that game will be leaking into this project. It's hard not to infect files on my computer with the random crazy shit that lives inside Quarterstone tbh... IMG7-1425072477.png

Original Post Notes;

Original Post Notes --Click here to view--

Game Mechanics
  • There is NO MP/TP. At all. There is no magic power, no MP restoring items. No TP bullshitzle. Nada. Nothing. Naught. Not a sausage. There is still magic however...
  • ... In the form of Runes. Like, one metric fucktonne of runes.
  • Spells are cast using runes.
  • Items are used using runes.
  • Doors are unlocked using runes.
  • Everything is done with runes. Mostly.
  • Intercourse is probably done with runes, to a variety of effects... Who knows?
In short, the primary mechanic of Project Rune is the, well... The runes...

Runes come in several different categories;

1. Spell Runes
2. Field Runes
3. Containment Runes
4. Equip Runes
5. Key Runes
6. Special Runes

Spell Runes

Spell runes are used to power magic spells. They are consumed when a spell is used, or they can be combined to create new, more powerful spells. Most spell runes can be synthesized, as long as the appropriate Book of Spells and Book of Runes have been found.

Synth Runes

These runes are used soley for synthesis, to combine with other runes for new effects, whether it is to create a more powerful spell, or to change the nature of a rune.

Field Runes

These runes are able to be used in the field for a variety of effects from scaling cliffs and destroying rocks to withstanding lava and diving underwater. They are typically crafted and unable to be found anywhere else, though one hidden merchant sells them.

Containment Runes

These runes are used to hold everyday items. If you find an apple lying around or need to carry some water, you will need a containment rune to hold it. If you do not have any containment runes, you cannot pick up items. They are sold by most merchants and are easy to find.

Equip Runes

These are runes that are equipped to a character in order to provide them with defensive/offensive enhancments. They can increase attack power, defence, speed etc... Some can even be enhanced with spell runes.

Key Runes

They are what they say they are. They are runes that act as keys, unlocking either specific doors, or every door in an area. The runes are typically destroyed upon use.

Special Rune

Runes that do not fall into the other categories are special runes. They have a host of uses including; key items, pecial rewards, bestowing special effects and triggering special events.


"What does it all mean Basil!?"

Basically, as you progress on the adventure, you will collect Runes. These are absolutely vital, unless you are seeking a swift death. When in battle, you must choose a spell from the magic menu. When selecting a spell, rather than an MP Cost, it will instead show which runes you must possess to use the spell and how many of each rune it will cost, with higher level spells requiring a greater amount of runes.

This can be as simple as using a Water Rune to cast a basic water spell, or using two water runes to cast a stronger water spell. But maybe you want something to absorb water-element damage? So you will have to use a water rune with an absorb rune to create a water-absorbing barrier! Maybe you need to heal? Heal Runes are your friends!

You only have access to very basic runes to start with these. The only elements you have access to are Neutral, Earth, Fire, Water, Wind and Aether.

These runes make up the basic ingredients of your spells. Higher level spells will require more of each rune to use them. However, you are not limited to those five elements.

As you play, you will gain access to augmentation runes. These consist of the following types;

Enhance – Can upgrade a rune to it's next level, from Lvl1 up to Lvl3 Runes.
Fortify – Produces a defence rune.
Absorb – Produces an absorbtion rune.
Restore – Produces a healing rune.
Field – Produces a useable rune for use in the field.
Merge – Allows the merging of two elemental Runes.
Nega – Produces a negative or opposite reaction.

As useful as these can be, you cannot use them all on their own. Enhance, Fortify, Absorb and Restore runes are used in conjunction with elemental runes when selecting a spell, to produce an alternate effect.

For example;

x1 Water Rune = A Lvl1 water-type spell.
x1 Water Rune + x1 Enhance Rune = A Lvl2 water-type spell.
x1 Earth Rune + x1 Fortify Rune = An earth-type defence spell.
x1 Aether Rune + x1 Restore Rune = An aether-type healing spell.

HOWEVER! Field, Merge and Nega runes are useable only via synthesis, to combine their powers with other runes. These runes are unstable, however, and require a catalyst to successfully synthesize them.

For example;

x1 Water Rune + x1 Wind Rune + x1 Merge Rune + Catalyst = Ice Rune.
x1 Earth Rune + x1 Fire Rune + x1 Merge Rune + Catalyst = Lava Rune.
x1 Aether Rune + x1 Aether Rune + x1 Merge Rune + Catalyst = Light Rune.

Using the Merge Rune, you can create new elements as shown above. However, it doesn't stop there. You can also combine these new elements, and those new elements.

The Field Rune is mostly self-explanitory. It lets you synthesize spells that can be used in the field, to open up and explore new areas in the game world.

The most mysterious of these runes, however, is the Nega Rune, that allows you to invert a rune's properties, for example;

x1 Light Rune + x1 Nega Rune + Catalyst = Dark Rune.

So, say you have a good collection of runes, you could do the following;

(x1 Aether Rune + x1 Aether Rune + x1 Merge Rune + Catalyst = Light Rune) x2

x1 Light Rune + x1 Nega Rune + Catalyst = Dark Rune

x1 Light Rune + x1 Dark Rune + Catalyst = Gravity Rune.

As such;

Gravity Runes have the same attributes as both Light and Dark runes.
Light Runes have the attributes of Aether Runes on a higher level.
Dark Runes have the opposite attributes of Light Runes, therefore anything strong against Light Runes will inevitably be weak against Dark Runes.

And just to keep you experimenting with rune combinations... There are a total of 34 different elements to discover using the initial five (excluding neutral, which cannot be combined) and the merge/nega runes... So have fun with that. biggrin2.gif


So, continuing on with the rune-based information here, you can use runes in battle, in the field and for synthesis, but what else?

WELL! You have Equip Runes instead of armour. These magical runes bestow attack, defence, speed etc... Bonuses when equipped in Rune Slots on your characters. Some are legendary runes that must be won, others can be bought, but the bestest of the best can be synthesized by combining legendary Equip Runes with powerful Spell Runes. Again, not everything is compatible, but you won't be able to find/buy the best equip runes in the game. You're going to have to gather some crap and synthesize them!

Anything else?

Why, yes! ALL items are runes. If you want to pick up an item, you need a Containment Rune to hold it in. This transforms the item into magical energy, to be recalled when needed. So be careful! If you open that chest and find some cool item, but don't have a Containment Rune on you, you won't be able to take it! Thankfully, Containment Runes are cheap and easy to buy.


Dungeon keys, mystical door-unlockythings... They are also runes. If you find a locked door, chances are there is a Rune Key somewhere that magically unlocks it. But what if there isn't?! Well, maybe you need to hunt around, because maybe there IS no key. Maybe the enemies in the area drop the appropriate materials to craft a Rune Key? I'm not making this easy for you... (Tbh, working all this crap out is giving me mega headaches, so you aren't the only ones that will suffer)...

In other news, there are several other usees for Runes too, but I want you to find that out in the game. But, just to be really evil... Yes, you will require Save Runes to save your game.

The basic moral of the story is... A man with no runes, has no power.
Basically, run out of runes and you're a bit screwed. You'll have to rely on brute force to gather basic materials to craft low level runes, so you can get those powerful ones back. Or just buy materials and runes from merchants if you are rich enough... Although, the best runes you can buy are only sold by hidden merchants... So keep an eye out.

Final Notes

Finally, a few things to note about other game mechanics;
  • There are secret areas in this game. And I mean SECRET areas. There will be no clues, no hints, no markings. No "Oh, that wall looks bombable" Zelda style secrets. No "Go here, do this, stuff happens" NPC chatter. Search everywhere, synthesize as many Field Runes as you can and hope for the best. icon4.gif
  • There will be one-time events too that, once activated, will disappear and never appear again. This includes mini-dungeons with powerful rewards, but should you die or fail the challenge, you will be transported outside, and you will not be able to retry. There will also be merchants that sell powerful runes, but only the first time you talk to them. If you haven't the cash to buy them, tough titties. icon4.gif

    I will be updating this page as I go, making it prettier, more organised and more detailed as the project progresses. As I said, it's in pre-dev right now, so this is all you are getting. Plus, I need tea.

And as one final treat... I am going to give you guys ONE recipe for the game. The ultimate recipe for the game... Granted, it is useless without first receiving the appropriate Book of Runes to unlock the recipe in-game, as well as all the Book of Runes required to craft the ingredients...

But here is a Step by Step guide to creating the most powerful Rune in the game. And though this doesn't mean a whole lot right now, and thus, there is no reason too, don't share this on any other site, as, if I do finish the game, this walkthrough will be ASP exclusive. Other's can do the hard work of figuring it out.

... It's also me showing off just how annoying my rune synthesis can get. >:D

How to synthesize the Awesome Rune --Click here to view--
How to synthesize the most powerful rune in Project Rune.

x63 Merge Runes
x10 Nega Rune
x8 Earth Rune
x8 Fire Rune
x8 Water Rune
x8 Wind Rune
x32 Aether Runes
x20 Obsidian
x20 Arctic Diamond
x160 Solar Gems
x80 Lunar Gems
x40 Holy Water
x40 Bible Pages
x40 Vampire Blood
x40 Cursed Pages
x80 Phoenix Feathers
x80 Necronomicon
x80 Chronometers
x80 Heavenly Souls
x100 Dragons Teeth
x50 Dragon Claws
x60 Dragon Tears
x1 World Law

Stage 1
First you need to create two Third Teir Runes, utilizing all four basice elements.

x1 Earth Rune + x1 Fire Rune + x1 Merge Rune + x5 Obsidian = x1 Lava Rune
x1 Water Rune + x1 Wind Rune + x1 Merge Rune + x5 Arctic Diamond = Ice Rune

Next, you need to create five Fourth Teir Light Runes.

(x1 Aether Rune + x1 Aether Rune + x1 Merge Rune + x10 Solar Gems) x4 = x4 Light Runes

Now you need to invert two of the Light Runes into Dark Runes.

(x1 Light Rune + x1 Nega Rune + x10 Lunar Gems) x2 = x2 Dark Rune

Now you have;
x1 Lava Rune
x1 Ice Rune
x2 Light Runes
x2 Dark Runes

Stage 2
Next, you need to give your Light and Dark Runes elemental properties to create Fifth Teir Runes.

x1 Light Rune + x1 Water Rune + x1 Merge Rune + x10 Holy Water = Holy Rune
x1 Light Rune + x1 Wind Rune + x1 Merge Rune + x10 Bible Pages = Angel Rune
x1 Dark Rune + x1 Earth Rune + x1 Merge Rune + x10 Vampire Blood = x1 Curse Rune
x1 Dark Rune + x1 Fire Rune + x1 Merge Rune + x10 Cursed Page = x1 Devil Rune

You now have;

x1 Lava Rune
x1 Ice Rune
x1 Holy Rune
x1 Angel Rune
x1 Curse Rune
x1 Devil Rune

Stage 3;

Now you need to create two Sixth Teir Runes, by combining the following;

x1 Holy Rune + x1 Angel Rune + x1 Merge Rune + x20 Phoenix Feathers = x1 Life Rune
x1 Curse Rune + x1 Devil Rune + x1 Merge Rune + x20 Necronomicon = x1 Death Rune

In addition to those, you need to create two Seventh Teir Runes by combining the following;

x1 Life Rune + x1 Death Rune + x1 Merge Rune + x20 Chronometers = x1 Time Rune

x1 Lava Rune + x1 Ice Rune + x1 Merge Rune + x20 Heavenly Souls = x1 Creation Rune

You now have;

x1 Time
x1 Creation Rune

Stage 4;

Now you need to make an Eight Teir Rune, by combining those two;

x1 Time Rune + x1 Creation Rune + x1 Merge Rune + x25 Dragon Teeth = x1 Omega Rune

Stage 5;

Now the evil bit... Repeat Stages 1-4. Yes. Repeat them all... Then move to Stage 6.

Stage 6:

You should now have two Omega Runes. Now you need to invert one of those.

x1 Omega Rune + x1 Nega Rune + x25 Dragon Claws = x1 Alpha Rune

Then combine those...

x1 Omega Rune + x1 Alpha Rune + x1 Merge Rune + x30 Dragon Tears = x1 Absolute Rune. Congratulations, you now have the second most powerful rune in the game, a Ninth Teir Absolute Rune! But now what..?

Stage 7:

Remember how evil Stage 5 was? Stage seven is worse... You must now repeat Stages 1-6, including Stage 5's repeat, until you end up with ANOTHER Absolute Rune.

Stage 8:
After all that tedious work, you have finally reached the end... Your last synthesis...

x1 Absolute Rune + x1 Absolute Rune + x1 Merge Rune + x1 World Law = x1 Awesome Rune.

That's it. The entire process of making the Tenth Teir Awesome Rune. As for what it does, well... I'm not saying. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!! >:D



The company accepts no liability for the content of this post, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided, unless that information is subsequently confirmed in writing. If you are not the intended recipient you are notified that disclosing, copying, distributing or taking any action in reliance on the contents of this information is strictly prohibited. :P
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